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Below is a list of the pages that I visit every day. There isn’t always new content on every one of them, but when there is, it is worth reading immediately. In alphabetical order (so as to not show a preference):

  • Creating Passionate Users
    • This blog is probably one of the best on the web. Kathy Sierra is amazing and a truly gifted thinker. A must read for anyone involved with software or hardware engineering, teaching, training, product management, or marketing. Some of the specific entries you should not miss out on are: marketing, glib people, listening to users, and user reviews.
  • Gizmodo
    • “The Gadget Guide” — Often goofy or silly, it is still always interesting to see what is going on in the world.
  • Lifehacker
    • Fantastic tips for life. MANY MANY very useful things.
  • Lifehack
    • More great tips, these are more often focused on business as opposed to jsut every day household stuff.
  • Slashdot
    • Sure, it is old, and not as amazing as it once was, but still…
  • Statcounter
    • I manage a bunch of web sites, and I like to have some idea about what is going on. On this site, I get so few hits I can usually tell if the visitor is someone that actually knows me, or is just randomly poking around.
  • Steve Pavlina’s Blog
    • Steve rocks. He writes a lot of great stuff that really makes you think. Many good ideas, some more provocative than others.
  • Woot!
    • One day, one deal. Except when there is a Woot Off, when new stuff randomly appears throughout the day. Sometimes the stuff they are selling is amazing, sometimes it is retarded. I often wonder how they get their prices so low.

Pages I visit not quite every day, but often:

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